2020 Winner – Cooperation Category Winner

Sadriye Görece & Cihat Ersin Aydın – BlindLook

BlindLook is a social enterprise that develops accessibility technologies to make visually impaired people more free and visible in social life. It started its journey by making the restaurants, which are the biggest socializing spots, and restaurant menus unobstructed for the visually impaired. Türyid, the leading unifying force of the food and beverage industry, has also been on the side of BlindLook in increasing the number of safe places for the visually impaired, accompanying this dream of BlindLook. Aiming to increase visual impairment free products and services, BlindLook works for an accessible world for everyone; believes that an equal and unimpeded life is possible. BlindLook tries to eliminate societal and social barriers with the power of technology.