2020 Winner – Pandemic Special  Award Winner

Ramazan Subaşı & İlker Vardarlı – 3 Boyutlu Destek

3 Boyutlu Destek is a Collective Production Movement formed by the people who have high technology usage skills and awareness. It develops solutions to social problems with the products it designs and manufactures using new generation production tools, with its distribution and volunteer manufacturer network.

Bringing together 3D printer owners living in 81 provinces of Turkey under a single roof, during the covid epidemic, it produced the products needed by medical personnel with 3D printers as soon as possible and delivered them to health workers. 3 Boyutlu Destek, in cooperation with the NEF Foundation, has supported the delivery of approximately 2 million protective equipment to health workers completely free of charge.

3 Boyutlu Destek is preparing to implement the Cardboard Computer project for children’s access to computers in these days when distance education has become a necessity.