2019 Winner – Start-up Award

N. Alp Ar – Tospaa Bilgisayarsız Kodlama Girişimi

According to many experts, coding is a competency that will shape the future. Although coding has become part of the curriculum in Turkey, due to insufficient equipment in public schools both teachers and students face significant challenges in coding. The Tospaa Computer-Free Coding Initiative makes coding accessible by teaching the basics of coding and data processing independent of technology using an in-house game. In 2017, the second version of the free Tospaa Computer-Free Coding Game has reached over 80,000 children making coding training more accessible. At the same time, the game was among the coding activities recommended for teachers by Code Week Turkey. The Tospaa Computer-Free Coding Game introduces a new perspective not only to students but also teachers through workshops on algorithmic thinking and coding without a computer. The Tospaa Computer-Free Coding Initiative has reached a wide user base including public and private schools, ultimately contributing to the global sustainability goals of ‘quality education’ and ‘minimising inequalities’.