2018 Winner – Cooperation Category

Türkiye’nin Kadın Balıkçıları (Turkey’s Fisherwomen)

Fishery is considered to be a male profession. However, women work just as much as men in family-run businesses that dominate this industry. In the fishery industry, when looked at from a gender perspective official records and labour force participation are in favour of men. Therefore, the efforts of women are literally invisible and women are unable to take part in professional organisations. Consequently, a structure that empowers women socially and economically is absent. Setting off from this social issue, Türkiye’nin Kadın Balıkçıları is working together with Sür-Koop (Aquaculture Cooperative), an all-men organisation, on the visibility of fisherwomen and their professional rights. As a result of this cooperation, under the umbrella of Sür-Koop which has 30,000 partners, a Fisherwomen’s Committee was established for the first time ever, giving fisherwomen the opportunity to get organised and act together. Through advocacy, the Fisherwomen’s Committee works to change the system and make fisherwomen visible in policy decisions. At the same time, it also offers intensive courses to young fisherwomen and children to develop their leadership competencies. The ultimate aim of this cooperation is to turn the fishery industry into a fully inclusive one where women and men have equal presence and rights.