2018 Winner – Advanced Stage Category

e-Bursum (My e-Scholarship)

Of the 25 million students going to school in Turkey, 60% are in a continuous search for financial support to continue their studies. Moreover, while there are several individuals and organisations that grant scholarships the amounts tend to be insufficient and the application process is considered to be gruelling. Created to minimise inequalities of educational opportunity, e-Bursum has digitalised the scholarship system in Turkey to both facilitate access to financial resources that students need for their education and provide a more systematic and democratic scholarship process for sponsors who grant scholarships. Integrated with the e-Turkey platform, the online system uses an algorithm to match individuals and organisations that give scholarships with students to offer support for their education. Launched three years ago, e-Bursum also offers online financial literacy and mentoring services to scholarship students. Going forward, e-Bursum aims to reach six million students and roll this model out internationally.