2018 Winner – Early Stage Category

Anlatan Eller (Narrative Hands)

In Turkey, due to language barriers around three million hearing-impaired and deaf individuals are unable to receive the education they need and therefore get employed. As people with disabilities become estranged from work life and society they virtually become invisible. Anlatan Eller was established in 2016 with a view to finding a solution to the inequalities in education that hearing-impaired and deaf individuals face by delivering Turkish sign language assisted trainings. Anlatan Eller offers training courses to hearing-impaired and deaf individuals to prepare them for central examinations, primarily Accessible KPSS (Civil Servant Exam), thus helping them to increase their success rates. Anlatan Eller started off with maths courses for Accessible KPSS, using social media channels to access hearing-impaired and deaf individuals all over Turkey and share course videos. To date, Anlatan Eller has published 74 videos that have reached around 120,000 views. As a result of Anlatan Eller’s trainings, individual success rates have gone up by 56% at the high school level and 45% at the university level. Through these trainings Anlatan Eller aims not only to increase success rates but also ensure that hearing-impaired and deaf individuals are equipped with analytical thinking skills and believe in themselves and their dreams.